Tailpro Consulting was developed to provide a wide variation of specialist tailings testing solutions to the global mining industry, on both a laboratory and industry scale. Through the experience of the founding partners, both in the physical testing of tailings and operation of pilot and full scale processing plants, a testing service to define design and operational parameters for tailings handling and storage can be provided to clients.

Tailpro Consulting is operated by specialist engineers and leading industry consultants who understand the importance of defining tailings properties which are naturally unique to every independent mining and processing operation. In addition, changing the final solids concentration of the deposited tailings can influence many operational based parameters, all of which can be analysed through laboratory and pilot trial programmes.

Through the experience of the consultants, data can be reviewed in-house for verification purposes during testing campaigns. Results can be presented with engineering interpretation or alternatively as raw data for those clients who prefer to retain their own design based consultants.

Our History